Mylinh Tran, L.Ac., Dipl of Acu

A graduate of Hobart and William Smith College in Geneva, NY, Mylinh received a double major in Biochemistry and Asian Studies. While working in biotechnology at both Amgen and Boehringer Ingelheim, she pursued her career in Acupuncture. In 2010, Mylinh graduated from Five Branches University in San Jose, California and began working at Nurture Acupuncture helping women to increase their success of conception naturally while undergoing IVF.

Currently, Mylinh has a private practice in both San Jose and Pleasanton.  She integrates acupuncture with tui na, herbal medicine, nutrition, and exercise.  Mylinh is experienced in pain management, functional medicine, and pediatrics. Pain conditions commonly treated are sciatica, headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain and diabetic neuropathy. Passionate about learning, Mylinh continues to learn more ways to help her patients, including techniques such as NAET, spiritual, and energy medicine. Other interests include travelling, reading, tai chi, salves, tinctures, poultices, cranial sacral, kinesiology, spiritual divination, feng shui and numerology.  She combines her passion, interests, and knowledge to provide natural and holistic care to her patients by developing integrative individualized treatment plans.

Picture of Mylinh Tran smiling with dark black hair and pink cheeks, standing in front of leafy bush

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I have a substantial head and neck injury, complicated by a recent whiplash. I have been to doctor after doctor and seen other acupuncturists for over a year now. Luckily, I met Mylinh Tran at Health Spring Chiropractic, and she is making headway. Mylinh is extremely generous, skilled, and has a phenomenal ability to uncover underlying issues. She has helped me physically, emotionally, and even on a spiritual basis. Mylinh is an exceptional healer on all levels.

D. Redi

Mylinh Tran is one of those rare empathetic people who has a genuine desire to heal your body and relieve your pain. For many years I have had constant pain in my back and other areas and I decided to try acupuncture. With her cheerful disposition and kindness she has worked with me and after only a few weeks the pain in my back has lessened and I’ve noticed a definite improvement in other areas too. I would highly recommend Mylinh Tran to anyone seeking to alleviate pain and improve their general health.”

H. Gorthy



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