Energy Healing

Every cell in our body contains energy as does everything around, air, plants, animals, people, light, color, music, thoughts, emotions, and so on.  Energy healing uses the capacity of the individual to clear the blockages and shift the energy to a higher free flowing frequency.  Not only is the physical aspect addressed but the mind and spirit as well.



  • Daily practice has been shown to boost immunity, give a sense of overall well being, and more awareness of your body

  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice are part of one of the five main branches of Chinese Medicine.  These practices regulate Qi flow in the body.  Qi is the vital energy in the body.  There is a phrase in Chinese Medicine, "Bu Tong Zi Tong, Tong Zi Bu Tong" translates to "When there is stagnation, there is pain; When there is no stagnation, there is no pain."

  • Moderate Physical Exertion to move your body and get your heart rate up such as walking, jogging, yoga, hiking, kayaking, and so on is good for your health.  Overexertion or Vigorous Exercise can cause you to lose too much Yang Qi - which long term causes you to lose more energy and stamina according to Chinese Medicine theory.

Good Nutrition

  •  "You are what you eat"

  • Whole foods contain more energy and nutrients than processed foods. 

    • An example, have you ever eaten some chips and then could not stop yourself.  Next thing you know, you just ate a whole bag and yet you still feel unsatiated?  But, if you ate a bowl of potatoes, you are full and satiated?  That is the difference between the energy and nutrients coming from whole foods versus processed foods.

    • Some foods may cause your energy to go lower because it represents an "allergy or sensitivity" that will cause your body to fight it, leading to inflammation, fatigue, itching, etc... (This is different than the anaphylaxis allergies because the severity of your symptoms is not life-threatening now.)  Please see NAET Tab for more information. 


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Multi-Dimensional Healing

  • This type of healing is ONLY done when needed, patient and/or practitioner will bring it up.  A patient must agree and be ready.  Patients will know through dreams, events, music, or movies that stand out and cause strong emotions that lasts or keeps coming up.

  • The multi-dimensional healing technique is used when treating the physical aspect does not resolve your issue.  This clearing combines not only the physical, but mindfulness and spiritual aspects of the body.

  • Assemblage Point Adjustment (AP)

    • The Assemblage point is a person's energetic center which directs their feelings, emotions, and overall health and well-being.  Therefore, resetting a person's energetic center ​is important to long lasting healing and good health. 

    • When a trauma/stress of some sort throws the AP point out of alignment, you can feel "off" and not be able to pinpoint what it is or where the problem is.  

    • An AP adjustment is needed when you get regular care for your problem but the healing does not last.

  • Energetic Cord Cutting

    • Cords are connections to others known or unknown and may not be only from this lifetime.   These cords may emit energy from others that may cause low energy, muddled thinking, feeling like this is not your issues, fear, anxiety, sadness, etc...​

    • It is good to clear cords from time to time so that it is only your energy and "stuff" that you are dealing with, not others too.

  • Forgiveness Exercises

    • Most people are hardest on themselves because they want to be the best they can be​.

    • Forgiving yourself can be one of the hardest things to do.  Giving yourself compassion that you are doing the best that you can, and it is okay to not be perfect or perform a task perfectly.  Sometimes, it is in that "imperfection" where we learn and grow the most.  It gives us an opportunity to learn where we still need work and allow us to improve in that area.  

    • For some, forgiving others is the harder task.  But until you can forgive or release the anger/hostility towards that person, those emotions can eat you up inside causing all kinds of issues.  The type of issues will vary from person to person.   

  • Inner Child Work

    • Trauma from our childhood can cause us angst as adults​, affect our daily demeanor, and outlook on life.​​

    • Talk to your inner child and see what little you needs/needed.

    • Provide the love, compassion, and support to your younger self.

    • You can be the support to your younger self.

  • Vows/Agreements

    • ​Cut ties with vows/agreements that are no longer serving you​​.

    • You may have made a vow or agreement a long time ago, that may be holding you back.  

    • You may not have even realized you made that vow but you might have said to yourself, "Well, I am  never doing that again or vow take vows of poverty or never let myself love another like that again!"

    • These vows or agreements could have been made not only in this lifetime but past, and future ones too.  

  • Implants

    • Implants are limiting ideas, core beliefs, and other thoughts that may limit or control a person, or some aspect of their reality and behavior.

    • This has been used as a way to "protect" yourself or others.

    • Core-wounding beliefs such as "I am not Enough", "I do NOT deserve love", "I am not worthy" are types of implants.

  • Karma/Curses​

    • Karma is your life experience, good or bad​.

    • Curses are any expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to one or more persons, a place, or an object.

    • Lots of forgiveness and decree exercises to help clear this.  

    • Committing selfless service to others to reduce Karma.

    • Changing your mindset about certain events and your language about the events.

    • Learn that this does not have to be your destiny in this lifetime.  

  • Entities/Possessions​

    • Symptoms can include obsessive negative thoughts, anxiety, depression​, muddled/foggy thinking, self-destructive, self-sabotaging behavior, chronic health issues, not feeling like themselves, and so on.  

    • Typically another soul/being will enter the person when they are weak and susceptible.  Their energy field had a leak and the being entered and attached.

    • This clearing is done on a high spiritual/dimensional level with patience and guidance.

    • You can learn how to protect yourself from having these energy leaks so entities cannot enter.

  • "Other Baggage"

    • When a clearing is needed and does not fall into any other categories listed above.

    • Other baggage can include core-wounding beliefs such as "I am not Enough", "I do NOT deserve love", "I am not worthy", lineage clearing, other lifetime clearing, limiting beliefs, dimensional and realm clearing, and more.

  • Space Clearing

    • Negative energy can stay in a location (land, homes, cars, office, etc...) which in turn can affect you.  ​

    • This energy may affect your mood, sleep, temper, and relationships.

    • It is good to clear this energy every so often for optimal health.

  • General Energy Clearing
    • Negative energy, limiting beliefs, other people's emotion and their energies, can get stuck in your energy field.

    • Your energy field includes:  your physical body, chakras, meridians, emotional field, and auric field.

    • Clearing this energy will lift the heavy burden you carry around without knowing it. 



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