During some treatment sessions, this subject may come up as an important tool for your

healing process.  I will discuss, teach, and give you tips to achieve success.  I am patient and

always find creative ways to implement mindfulness in daily activities that make it easy. 


  • A form of breathing, a mindfulness exercise to reconnect with our bodies and mind

  • A method to get to know one self: thoughts, intentions, goals, conscious and subconscious

  • Medical research has shown meditation to help with stress, anxiety​, and sleep

  • Apps are a good way to get started and motivated to meditate

Spiritual Connection​

  • Helps connect you to your inner self and guidance

  • To feel connected to something greater than yourself with love and support

  • Helps you find a support group on a physical but also spiritual level

  • Various ways to connect to your spirit​

    • Mantras

    • Prayers

    • Meditation

    • Church/Mosque/Temple

    • Gardening

    • Hiking

    • Yoga

    • Fishing

    • Knitting / Sewing

    • Anything that allows quiet time for reflection and/or puts you into a relaxed state



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